Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.2

Weather Gadget – Your Tool to Scientific Understanding of Nature’s Behaviour

Keeping an eye on Mother Nature is perhaps one of the most uninteresting activities in the world. Imagine yourself being a meteorologist spending all day long gathering and analyzing data from global satellite to come up with a report on the situation of the weather. Yet this scientific understanding of how the nature behaves is a noble profession.

This field of expertise has a major role in improving other government agencies concerned with disaster risk management. Through the data available the government acts accordingly. When provided with accurate weather information the government will be able to plan well in terms of administering lands and making projects. For instance, in a place where there is lack of rain, the government might see it beneficial to maximize solar energy and make it a source of power in that community. When a particular place is frequently experiencing disasters the government might want to relocate the residents to a safer place. This way many lives could be saved from weather-related disasters.

In our day-to-day activities the weather is a major factor in our decisions. Before heading out it pays to know the condition outside. In planning outdoor activities, we may want to know what the weather will look like in that day we scheduled the activity. When setting a date for a wedding by the beach you may want to know what time the sun will rise so that you will capture it as you take a vow. 

Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.2

Indeed, forecasting has been part of our everyday life. It is our way to avoid foreseeable risks that may come along with bad weather. Many people are now aware of the importance of getting updated with weather situations. There are so many platforms through which they can access weather data and one of which is the use of weather widgets.

Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.2 is among the most widely used weather gadgets today. This weather tool is linked to for the data they provide. It shows extended forecast for 5 days. This gadget comes in different colors. You can choose the one with black and gray color or the transparent version of the gadget. It is very realistic. The weather graphic which pops out makes it more attracting. It’s like a 3D style.

In your desktop you see the current temperature, location and underneath are two columns such as “5-Day Forecast” and “Current Conditions”. The five-day forecast when clicked will show you the current condition and the weather in the 4 following days. The data provided were the average high and low temperature. Also a graphics is shown. In the next column, you find the detailed information of current weather condition. The information provided includes humidity, pressure, wind, sunrise, sunset and the time and date of last update.

Yahoo! Widget Engine

If you want to know the weather forecast for other location you can change the location by pointing the cursor on the current location and then right click. You just have to click ‘change location’ and then you can change it according to your preference.


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