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World Weather – A Weather Gadget to Give You Elegance and Functionality

When you buy a computer, smartphone or tablets the first thing you will see after you set it up is your home screen. Especially, among smartphones all that you can find in your home screen are gadgets. There are different kinds of gadgets. Usually, there are gadgets already installed in your smartphone home screen and these gadgets are basically added from Google store if you are using Android phones or from Apple Hub if you are using Iphones. Despite that you can still have gadgets for your clock, calendar, youtube videos, email and more.

In case of desktop computers or laptops, usually when you buy one there are basic gadgets that are already added to your home screen but still you can have gadgets that suits your personal needs. Adding gadget to your home screen is not as hard as you might think.

There is a bunch of gadgets on the market. Almost everything you need can be addressed through gadgets. You can just pick the type of gadget which you want and then customize different parts. 

World Weather

Weather gadgets is important for any home screen be it smartphone or desktop computers or laptop. Weather gadget is a must-have gadget because it performs task that is very crucial to our very existence. Without having weather gadget in this highly digital world is a big mistake.

Powered by, World Weather is yet another proof of technological advancement in digital weather forecasting. World Weather comes in a very manageable size. The panel in normal view mode is in perfect square. It uses color black as the color of the landscape. The Orange color for the weather icon and temperature sits very well with the black background. World Weather shows the 4-day forecast.

As you look at the gadget, it feels like you got this feeling of elegance. Not only does it provide the weather prediction for four days but moreover, it presents the weather data in a clear and great style. Going to the extended mode, the panel is split into four columns. Each column represent each day. It shows the possible high temperature, low temperature, weather icon for the day and your geo-location.

This weather gadget has only two configurable settings. You can change the unit of temperature between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The other feature is setting the location. Go to the options button in the right side of the gadget and click the wrench icon. In the configuration panel, you find the search field for temperature unit. Just click the arrow and list of temperature units will then appear down the line. Click which one between Fahrenheit and Celsius you prefer.

Below it there is search field provided for the location. Encode the location you are looking for. A list of location names will appear down the line and to hasten the process you can directly click the name of the location from the list that represents the place you are looking for. Then click ‘Ok’. That’s it. That is how easy to change the temperature unit and the location.

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