Accuracy and Interface: You’ve got the Best of both Worlds with Weather Eye

Tons of people have been working on weather prediction tools in terms of developing its accuracy. Developers have been skill testing their weather gadgets by way of waiting for the events to happen and then see how accurate their prediction was. Another way they used to test the accuracy of their prediction is through comparing their data pooled from different periods.

Of course accuracy is very important. Accuracy is the most important. On a consumer level people are focusing on the accuracy of data they will get from a weather gadget. It can build trust to people when they know that the information they are getting is the most probable. They are more likely to feel safe when the weather prediction tool is highly reliable.

Accuracy is one thing but Interface is another thing. When it comes to technology or weather gadget for that matter, accuracy is not the be-all and end-all of the gadget. 


Accuracy plays the most crucial role however users tend to appreciate things the way it was presented. While the gadget may have the most probable prediction but if it’s not presented in a nice way then there is greater chance that it will lose user’s appetite.

On a critic perspective, people are keen at the interface and design of a particular gadget.

For gadgets to survive the competition, one thing developers need to realize is that it is important to keep in mind what the users are trying to do so just creating a gadget that would keep the user actively engaging. The rule is that just because gadgets are created or built for a particular fundamental use does not necessarily mean that it will spread across the web and become popular among users.

Weather Eye has a lot to offer more than just accuracy. This gadget does not only focus on fundamentals such as looking for temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, pressure and precipitations.

It has a very distinct style. The visual style comprise of good color combination. When viewed in extended mode, the gadget makes use of standard narrowed Arial font to give you a clear grasp of the data. The color blue in the background works very nice with the White color in the front layer of the panel. The weather icons are presented in an almost 3D manner. 

WeatherEye Gadget

Its visual style gives the user that extra feeling of seeing the gadget as a real object but it’s actually a digital application that’s sitting on their home screens.

Weather Eye is not only accurate in terms of prediction and it is not only distinct because of style but it’s even more interesting because of its easy-to-follow configuration steps. You just have to click the wrench icon on the right side of the gadget then you will be taken to the configuration panel where you can change the location the language to be used and unites of measure.

One thing that other gadgets have failed to do is to get the feedback from the users which Weather Eye has managed to incorporate in its configuration panel.

WeatherEye Widget

WeatherEye Settings

WeatherEye Video


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