Weather – A Simple yet Unique Weather Gadget

There are wide array of gadgets available today. This has been made possible by developers around the globe. While there are companies who are creating various gadgets for various uses there are also groups or corporations which focus on products and platforms that are necessary across all classes. This means that these products are essential among people of different ages, sex, nationality and or location.

One of the necessary products which has a basic application for digital media users is weather gadget.

Weather is a weather gadget powered by Windows. At first look, you might create an impression that the gadget can is so simplistic and incapable of carrying out many functions but wait until you see the all of its features. When you are in the Home mode the gadget only displays the current temperature, location and weather icon.

However, as stated above this kind of gadget has a lot of abilities that will allow the user execute customization features. This gadget has a wide potential when it comes to weather monitoring. There are certain things that only Weather can perform and cannot be found in other weather gadgets out there. As a service platform it allows you to arrive at informed decisions in terms of your daily engagements by providing you real-time data about the weather condition. 


This gadget is programmable. One great feature that differentiates this weather gadget to other gadgets out there is that it can provide you the summary of the weather condition. It describes what the weather looks like in a nutshell. In the summary, it shows the temperature, humidity, wind speed, precipitation chance including sunrise and sunset. The time when the data was gathered was also indicated below and also the observation point.

In the context of rapidly changing weather patterns, it has been observed that people are now becoming very conscious of the weather and they want to have as wide information about temperature, humidity, wind speed and other weather stuff as possible. People have become concerned not only about their safety compelling them to be looking for weather conditions from different places where they have relatives. 

Weather Gadget

Weather Widget

When you click on the small wrench icon located in the right side of the gadget you will then be led to the configuration panel. Inside the panel there is text field designed to make searches on the locations. You can change or set the location by typing in the name of the location in the text field. A list of locations will appear down the line.

The configuration panel also shows customization settings in terms of unit of measurement for temperature and wind speed. There are two small circles that you have to mark by clicking. You may want to use Fahrenheit for temperature and mph for wind speed then you just have to click the upper circle. If you want another unit of measurement then you choose to mark the circle below it. You can also make the gadget change its size on the sidebar and on the desktop. The options are between big and small so mark the circle that represents the size that you want.

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