The Weather Channel Sidebar Gadget

The Beauty of Weather Channel Sidebar Gadget

The normal weather gadget that most people have does not have further details about weather. Of course the temperature can be seen but all you can see the temperature and nothing more. You won’t have any other idea what are the other factors that are affecting the weather condition.

Another drawback of some weather gadgets is the fact that it can only provide forecast for today. All you can see is the temperature for today and you don’t have any idea what’s going to happen tomorrow. Will it rain? Do we have to expect weather disturbance? What’s the sky’s going to look like? These are valid questions that can be answered more or less accurately if you have a weather gadget that can forecast not just for today but for the next couple of days. 

The Weather Channel

One most important feature is that a weather gadget must be interactive. Meaning the user can engage with the gadget. You can like go to the configuration panel and make necessary changes in the settings or designs or even on information being provided by the gadget.

The Weather Channel Sidebar Gadget is very colorful weather gadget. The thing with this gadget is that it has totally different layout. The layout of most weather gadget is square but this one deviates from that model. The information you need are presented in such a way that they are easily grasped.

Details like the location name, current temperature and the predicted low temperature are shown. The beauty of this gadget is that it available in wide variety of colors. You can choose black, green and colors in earth tone.  

The Weather Channel Sidebar Gadget

The extended mode provides more details like the weather forecast for the next day. The forecast for the next day is presented with the possible high temperature during the day and the possible temperature during the night. That is the main difference of this gadget because the weather in the day and night are predicted.  In the extended mode you can access the hour-by-hour forecast. You just need to click the button below. Next to it is the button for the 10-day forecast. Aside from getting the current temperature today you can access longer forecast. This feature will enable you to make out plans ahead of time based on the forecast. 

The Weather Channel Gadget

Moreover, you can witness for yourself the weather in motion. Also there is a map readily available for you if you want to look for the location. It is also resizable. You can enlarge the map to change the perspective.

The Weather Channel Sidebar Gadget allows you to make some changes. You have control over physical appearance of the app because you can choose to change the skin color. Just click the downward arrow beside the search filed provided. The list of colors will show up down the line and then you just have to click the color you want. You can also set the location on your own. There is also an option for units of temperature between Fahrenheit and Celsius. This is a great gadget for your desktop.

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