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Many weather gadgets claim to be very good. In other words, these gadgets want to earn your trust. There is no disagreement that the decisions you make based on weather forecasts may very well save your life someday so the accuracy of information you get from weather gadgets is of utmost importance. Experts say spot-on weather forecast saves lives and money. This is true because in time of extreme weather disturbances our life and properties are in harm’s way.

Disaster managers have figured out that a hundreds of million dollars will be saved if we have accurate weather data in mind. As a concrete example, when a hurricane Irene a large and very destructive tropical cyclone which hit the Caribbean and East Coast of United States in August 2011 people in the Southeastern U.S did not have to evacuate their place and thus they saved a lot of money that would have been used had they evacuated their area. Researchers said that the government saved $700 million during hurricane Irene.

USA Doppler Radar

Evacuation in times of disaster is very costly. The government would have to spend millions to cater to the needs of the affected residents including shelter, food, clothes, sanitation and health. Basically, governments have to face the fact that there is no way that it will be spared from spending. Additionally, the economy will be affected. During the devastation of a typhoon for example, business establishments have to suspend operation. This results to losses of profits for businessmen and loss of revenue for the government. Also, the tourism sector will bear the brunt of the devastation. The aviation industry will have to stop its operation and the sea transportation will also have to stop its operation.

Evacuations should only be done when it is absolutely necessary for the safety of the residents and to be able to make an informed decision when to evacuate from a particular location or stay put right where you are you should rely on accurate weather forecasting gadgets.

When it comes to accuracy, USA Doppler Radar is the authority. The gadget comes with an entire map or USA. The locations are identified in the map. The cropped view of the map shows the close-up shot of the location. The enlarged view of the map shows more locations. In the right side of it is the rain meter. The colors that are lining up represent the amount of rainwater that will be experienced in different places. 

USA Doppler Radar Gadget

The distinct feature of this gadget is that it provides warning at the bottom of the panel. The warnings are represented by colors. Color red for tornado. Color Yellow for severe thunderstorm. Color Yellow for Flash Flood and color Orange for special marine.

Aside from that, you can change the radar location in the configuration panel. Just type in the specific location you want. Right below the search field for location, you will find two smaller search fields that allow you to select the cropped view position of the map. Download and install this most accurate weather gadget not just to save money but above all to save lives.

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