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TWC Weather – Taking Weather Forecasting to the Next Level

When you are going to select a gadget you must examine thoroughly look for the features that make a good gadget. When it comes to weather gadget, you are looking for three main features. First it must be up-to-date. Second, the gadget must be actionable and lastly it must be highly customizable. These can be found in one weather gadget and that is TWC Weather.

TWC which stands for The Weather Channel is one of the most trusted weather gadget for desktop. One cannot help but recognize the style of the gadget. The gadget is developed to specifically fit in with the flow of the home screen. Users are passionate about their home screen so TWC developer really made the device as beautiful as possible. 

TWC Weather

The dark color dominates the gadget design. In the home panel, the black background highlights the current temperature, location and the average low temperature including the location and the weather icon. The essential data are shown very clearly due to dark background.

In the extended mode, the color Black blends well with the color Blue.

TWC Weather gadget is a huge weather forecast application which took weather prediction to the next level. It was designed to provide a long-range weather calendar. The application’s weather forecasting involves hourly temperature, 10-day forecast and live radar monitor. It is very unusual because we rarely have a gadget doing what TWC Weather is doing.

You will see a lot of progress incorporated in this weather gadget. The Home Panel of TWC Weather provides for the hourly temperature. This is one of the breakthroughs that have been made. Very rare you can have a weather gadget that updates its data every one hour. Also shown in the panel are the location and the average low temperature you may experience. The weather icon is also seen.

Going to the extended settings of the gadget, there you see the coolest features other gadgets failed to provide. The current temperature is indicated. Below it you can find a button that will show you the hourly forecast. The forecast for the next day sits beside the current weather forecast. Below the forecast for the next day, there you see a button couched with a text ’10-day Forecast’. That will lead you to the weather information good for the next 10 days. TWC Weather has been banking on its capacity to make long-term prediction. On the third column, you will find the forecast for the next day during the night. Below the temperature you find the button ‘Live Radar’. That will lead you to the radar map to give you a more comprehensive report. The average high and low temperatures that will possibly be experienced are shown.

TWC Weather Gadget

Aside from these, TWC Weather has a configuration setting much the same with other weather gadgets. In the configuration panel, you can find the location where you want to pool weather forecast from. Also, you can change the temperature unit to the one you are comfortable with. You can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

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