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The Consequences of Not Knowing the Weather

They say we are responsible of our own actions. Everything we do and we do not do has consequences. In every action there is impact towards the people around us and on ourselves. The impact may vary in degree. Today people are urged to become conscious of the environment because there has been an increasing degradation of the natural resources which resulted to catastrophes.

Due to these disasters around us, our safety and live are in danger more than ever before. As we face the impacts of the climate change we are heavily relying on technologies that have been developed. One of the technologies being given so much attention are the weather forecasting tools.

Sunligth World Map

Experts have been concentrating on how to get weather forecasting to new level of accuracy to become more responsive to the impacts of climate change. Weather gadgets are by product of continuos stream of technological advancement. Weather gadgets are tiny appication sitting on the desktop which provides weather data to home screen or desktop users. Nowadays, having no weather gadget on your home screen is a mistake. You might run the risk of putting your safety and live to danger if you don’t have this basic gadget on your computer.

World Sunlight Map has a different approach in looking at the weather condition. This gadget contains a map or the entire globe. This is one of the major features it has that cannot be found among other weather gadgets. The map is beautifully designed. There are two options for the users on how he wants the map to appear.

There is an animated version of the map and there is a realistic map. The animated version uses two colors the green and blue. The green color indicates the continents and the blue color indicates the bodies of water.

The realistic version on the other hand uses green, blue and earthly colors to represent the map in a way that is more accurate or true to life.

World Sunlight Map does what its name suggests. It shows you the part of the map which is covered by rays of the sunlight. In this way, the home screen user can determine which places on earth are sunny at a particular time. It can also show the location of the sun and moon on the map.

The area that was not covered by sunlight are dimmed and those that are covered are made more bright.

That’s it for understanding the weather around the world through showing the location of the sun. This gadget has also configuration features. The first thing you want to do is to go the configuration panel by clicking the wrench icon in the right side of the gadget.

In the configuration panel, you have options for selecting the version of the map you want to use. Below it there is an option which allows you to choose the time interval by which the gadget will make an update on the weather condition. And lastly, the configuration panel allows you to choose whether to show or not the location of the sun and moon.

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