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Rain Alarm – Providing New Level of Accuracy in Weather Forecasting                                                           

Are you looking for ways how you can enhance your desktop or home screen appearance? There are many ways you can actually explore to make your desktop or home screen more engaging. One way to make it look the exact way you want it to look is to change the desktop background. The desktop background takes the entire space of your desktop so you might want to choose the best and the most interesting background that will occupy the entire screen.

The next thing you can do is to add gadgets on your home screen. Gadgets are tiny applications that allow you get information or perform tasks right within your home screen without the need to go to the application site. Gadgets are not just designed for practical use but also they can enhance the appearance of your desktop. 

Rain Alarm

The number of gadgets we have today in the market is as many as our concerns and interests. Gadgets functionalities are based on our needs and interests. Gadgets come in a variety of shape, design and colors so there are a lot of things you might want to consider before you choose which one do you like that will further make your home screen interesting and engaging.

Weather gadget is a basic gadget that everyone needs. There are different kinds of weather gadgets that you can choose from to suit your aesthetic requirements. Rain Alarm is one of the coolest weather gadget you can  have.

The idea of this gadget is to let you know about the impending precipitation. The way the gadget provides information is through warning the users when the rain is nearing their location which is very different from common weather gadgets that provides the forecast data including temperature, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation and humidity.

The weather alarm contains information specific to rain distance, intensity and area only. When in normal view the gadget shows three icons on the panel. The icon on the top position which is an arrow with both sides represents the distance of the rain. This provides information as regards the current location of the cloud formation that carries the rain. By knowing the distance the user can have a more or less exact picture when the rain will reach his location. The icon which shows the rain droplets represent the intensity of the coming rain. This helps the user picture out how heavy or light the rain will be and lastly the third icon which shows the cloud formation represents the area that will be covered by the rain.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Rain Alarm is highly reliable weather gadget. The configuration panel allows the user to search for the location he wants to get the weather data at. One great thing about this weather app is that you can set thee sensitivity of its detection ability. You can set to ‘high’, ‘medium’, or ‘low’ sensitivity. Furthermore, you can configure the search interval to 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes. Down the line you will find configuration settings for notification, sounds, units of measurement and theme.

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