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Gadget is a techy term for many applications containing tons of things like news, videos, music, weather information and more. You can place gadget on all your devices. You can use gadgets regularly so you will be the one to see the latest information like news, music, etc.

You can use gadgets not just for your personal and practical use in a daily basis. You can also use gadgets to impress your friends and colleagues. Having a gadget on your desktop or smartphone or tablet is cool. You can access the applications you frequently use right from the home screen. So you won’t have to spend so much time to go on to the browser and search for that particular application. As soon as you have the gadget added on your home screen there is much less time you have to consume and you can immediately engage in the functionality thus saving you from the troubles of having to go through so many processes.

My Weather

Your friends will love to see the gadgets in your home screen for that reason alone. Weather gadget is a must to every home screen. The most important reason is that it provides essential information for our safety as we go along with our daily activities.

If you have one in your desktop then, know that you are safer than with those who do not have a source of weather information. By just knowing the temperature for next hours makes you more cautious thus, you are more capable at arriving to sound decisions.

My Weather is a location-based weather prediction tool for desktop. It comes with a transparency style. In a nutshell, it shows the current temperature, average low and high temperature and the location.

My Weather Gadget

You can enlarge the gadget to show the 5-day forecast. It shows the long-term forecast in vertical position. In extended mode, tons of details will be shown like humidity, wind speed, location, and current temperature. The presented weather information for the next 4 days includes high and low temperature coupled with the weather icon.

My Weather Widget

My Weather is packed with a lot of customization stuff to make the most out of your experience with the gadget. Click the wrench icon in the right side of the gadget. You will be brought to the configuration panel. In the configuration panel, options for changing the setting, design and many more configuration features are made available. To change the location you just have to move the bar to the ‘change the city’ section. The search field appears in the panel. The next thing you need to do is to click the magnifying glass icon and the list of places will appear down the line. Click the place of your choice.

If you also want to change the design of the gadget move the bar to the ‘design’ section and then color options will appear below. Click the color that you most like. There is also an option for changing the font and the weather icon. Lastly, in the configuration panel you can change the temperature unit.

My Weather Widget Settings

My Weather Settings

My Weather Gadget Settings

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