My Free Weather

My Free Weather – Most engaging and beautifully designed Gadget

Today, almost all of our everyday activities are being run by widgets. Not having any widgets on your home screen is just refusing to do things the easy way. There are number of reasons why you have to use widgets.

In the past the use of widget is limited due to the fact that phones didn’t have as much memory and the internet connection were not easily accessible and worst, in some countries or places it was not available. However, today these problems were already addressed and thus the use of widget is encouraged for its value in our day-to-day activity.

The utmost importance of using widget is access to vital information. This information includes news, technologies, weather, business, economy etc. Take as an example the benefits we get from reading the news. Before we used to read the papers to know what the story is for the day. Reading the newspaper can now be made without buying the newspaper instead you can read the news right from your smartphone or computer. Internet connection and widget enables us to do this.

Another example is the benefit we get from getting updates on the latest technology trends. Before there was an internet, there were limited sources of information. Platforms that were available include television, radio and newspaper but not we are able to know the latest gadgets as soon as it arrives in the market. We access information as it happens.

My Free Weather

There is no doubt that this generation has a lot to thank for in terms of accessibility to information and benefits to technologies. Widgets are devised to make our life even easier. As for an average person living today, he might find himself being caught up in a complex world and thus it would help a lot if there are technologies that could make it less complicated.

Weather widget is a significant development in the world of weather forecasting. It brings essential and life-saving information down to the people so that they themselves can act immediately when a disaster is about to take place.

My Free Weather is one of the most beautifully-designed weather tools. Though it eats up a lot of space in your desktop because it contains so much information and graphics you will never exchange having this gadget over other gadgets.

It provides data in a very creative manner. The current date is shown next to a calendar graphic and the current time is provided next to the clock graphics. The location is given and the flag representing that country is also shown. 

My Free Weather Gadget

In both sides of the panel you see the sunset and sunrise time. The temperature is presented using temperature scale where you see the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit units. The wind direction and wind speed are displayed next to a small map. Humidity and visibility are also available.

Extended forecast for the next 4 days is given. The data include average high and low temperature.

You can change the settings by clicking the settings in the right side of the panel. You have the control over the frequency with which the gadget makes update. Also you have the option to change the location.



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