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Why use Weather Gadget?

People have predetermined ideas about gadget. They tend to equate gadget as having the same functionality with an application. However, there is a minor difference between an app and gadget. The best way to describe is that if you have a gadget, a gadget is a small tiny application that sits on your blog, website, social networking sites or on the home screen of devices like smartphone, tablet or desktop.

A gadget is kind of a sort of an app but unlike app that can perform lots of different things the gadget does few but essential things. There are a couple of gadgets that are available online. There are millions of gadget nowadays like video gadgets, quiz gadget, 3D gadget, notepad gadget and many to name a few.  

MSN Weather

Why use gadgets? As explained above gadget does essential things, things that have a great impact on our daily lives. They perform tasks that we quite frequently need to carry out. For example a clock gadget, it pretty much does exactly what’s in its name. This gadget tells you what time it is. Time is very important for us same with weather gadget. Weather gadget does exactly what’s in its name.

MSN Weather comes in a handy size. The animation presents the weather information in a more engaging manner. The current temperature is shown in the panel and the location. You got it right, when in normal view mode there are only two pieces of information that can be seen – location and the temperature. This is intended so as to occupy just small space in the desktop.

MSN Weather Gadget

However you can access longer weather forecast when you turn it into extended mode. The enlarged mode provides prediction for today and the following four days. Then extended mode panel is split into 5 columns. Each column represents a day. Each day are provided with weather details like average high temperature and low temperature. Weather icons are shown for each day. If the day is going to be sunny a sun icon appears.

MSN Weather Widget

There is a lot you can do with this gadget as part of the configuration features. To go to the configuration panel, just click the wrench icon the right side of the gadget. The configuration panel will appear. In the panel, you will notice a search field provided. Point your cursor on the field. Type in the location name in the field of your choice.

If you go down there you will find options for unit of measure. There are two options for the measurement you want to use for temperature. After you have decided for the unit of measure you want to use the next thing you want to do is to click the circle representing the unit of measure in the left side.

You can also change the size of the gadget on the sidebar. You may want to make it big or small. On the other hand, you can also make the size of the gadget either small or big as it appears on the desktop.

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