Meteonova – The leading Weather Forecasting Gadget Over Ukraine and Russia

Are you looking for a weather gadget you want to add in your list of applications in the desktop? Are you looking for a gadget that will fit perfectly in the home screen? A weather gadget that is consistent with your aesthetical preferences? Finding a weather gadget that is cohesive with your desktop applications is kind of a difficult task.

There is lot of great reasons that you should have a weather gadget. The reasons would include safety and desktop enhancement. Your safety depends on decisions you make in everyday basis. Your decisions depend on the facts. Now, weather affects everything. Everything you do can be disrupted by bad weather. To be able to know the accurate weather forecast is tantamount to keeping yourself safe throughout the day. There is no real easy way to learn about the weather than using weather gadgets.

If you are a person who wants to know much about the weather in Ukraine and Russia then there’s a gadget designed for you. It is called Meteonova.


Meteonova is a weather information provider application. The gadget is designed to provide detailed weather prediction of the cities in Ukraine and Russia and around the world.

Shown in the home panel are the temperature and the location. Beside the temperature gauge is the weather icon.

To get more of the weather forecast you have to enlarge the panel to view the current temperature for day time and temperature for night time. It also shows the amount of water vapor in the air or commonly known as humidity. By getting the humidity you will have an idea about the likelihood of precipitation in the place.

The wind data can also be seen in the panel. Meteonova displays weather data in Russian language.

What is striking is that the developer of this gadget came up with a nice design and colors used. Color Violet in the background is very enticing to the eye. There is a good transition of colors. In the extended mode, the violet background projects the weather details very vividly and clearly. 

Meteonova Gadget

The way that this gadget has gotten the popularity it gained from among its users is it engaged its users or consumers in various activities as part of its configuration features. Its configuration panel provides opportunities to let the users hop from one location to another and get the weather data they are looking for. It also allows them to redefine the experience by making changes in the gadget size and changing the location.

It is very evident that this weather gadget has incorporated its content to the individual needs and preferences of the home screen users. This even made this gadget popular because it has lived up to its basic purpose which is to give accurate data and furthermore it has been able to give users an entertaining experience. To know why the user wanted that weather gadget and how the gadget integrate into that experience is extremely important to the developer of this gadget.

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