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HUD Weather – Giving you Accurate Forecast Through Text Description

Adding gadgets to your desktop is a basic customization feature you can make on your computer or laptop. Customization is such a great stuff. With it, we can do almost anything we want on our devices and applications so as to fit to our individual needs and interests. Customization will let the users incorporate or integrate his ideas into the device. It allows the user to send in his ideas and make it emerge from the device. It provides opportunities for user to show his creativity. That way he will feel more connected to the device and or applications in his device. Customization feature has been present on almost all applications and devices nowadays.

It is even evident on gadgets. Gadgets with customization features are the coolest. Not only you can do tasks or get information from a gadget at a glance form your home screen but also you can show your creativity and integrate it with the gadget.

HUD Weather

One of the most highly customizable gadgets is a weather gadget. Do you want a beautiful weather gadget that fits your requirements? A gadget that will not deprive you of customization feature and will not deprive you the style and design you are looking for in a gadget?

HUD Weather is a weather gadget of your choice. It will not disappoint in you in terms of the content, information it can provide, design and style. You will sure to keep this gadget for the rest of time because it will never run out of style.

HUD Weather aroused wide attention from home screen users because of its style. This kind of weather gadget has become popular basically because its interface design isn’t as the same with those of most gadgets. The template it follows is totally different. Instead of using the common template HUD Weather relied on texts to convey weather forecast.

Many weather gadgets combine the use of weather icons and text however, this gadget use only texts and numbers to describe the weather.

The current temperature is shown in a large font. Below the temperature is the description of the weather. It can be ‘light snow’, ‘partly cloudy’, ‘fair’, and many more descriptive texts. One of the advantages of using HUD Weather is that since it only uses plain text and numbers to represent the weather forecast the desktop background is still visible to the viewers or users.

So, if you are very passionate about your desktop background that you want it to appear still even you have a weather gadget on the screen, HUD Weather is the ideal choice.

There are also customizable settings in the gadget. There is a wide array of options in terms of color for the gadget. You can pick different colors of the fonts more so you can also pick the type of font you want to use. Aside from these, there is also an option for you to set the location across different countries. The temperature scale can be set to either Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

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