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Why not Having a Weather Gadget in this Digital Age is a Big Mistake

In this Digital Age, we heavily rely on technology for most of our needs. Almost everything is now possible with the use of computer, smartphone, tablet and any other digital devices. There are so many advantages of technologies that we enjoy today. Undeniably, without technology we can’t do so much.

Everything we do online or offline is attributed to the development of various applications. These applications help us achieve or finish our daily activities. Today, gadgets are developed to give us at-glance-view or experience of what we want to do in our gadgets. There are so many gadgets in the market available today. These gadgets are classified into different categories.

There may be different categories that gadgets fall under but you can classify them between needs and wants. There are gadgets that are optional. This means that you can opt to have or not to have these gadgets. These gadgets are not really necessary. On the other hand, there are gadgets that you can consider necessary. You must have these gadgets because they crucial role in your daily life. One of these gadgets is the weather gadget. Weather gadget is crucial to everyday routines. When it comes to weather gadgets Glass Weather is one of the best. 

Glass Weather

Glass Weather employs transparency in its style. This style is becoming common today among gadgets. Transparency style for gadget seems just as workable for any desktop background. The idea of Glass Weather gadget is to give users the ability to embrace the beauty of their desktop while having a weather gadget sitting on it. If there is one thing that desktop users usually do in their computers, it is choosing the best background for their computers.

For sure you went through many adjustments and changes as regards to choosing background for your desktop. Of course, choosing the background is one of the most difficult tasks. You are in constant crave for the best background to make sure that your computers will look at its best. When you have finally found your desktop background the next thing you want to make sure is that the applications or gadgets to be added to your desktop must not ruin its background.

You would want the gadgets to complement with the background. Glass Weather understands your being passionate about your desktop backgrounds. The transparency style is what you might want for your gadgets.

Glass Weather provides temperature details in normal view mode. It also indicates the possible high and low temperatures of the day. The location name is also shown in the panel.

This gadget has the ability to forecast weather condition for 5 days. In the extended mode, you will be provided the data such as the average high and low temperature and description of the weather condition.

To set the location, click the wrench icon in the right side of the gadget. The configuration panel will appear. You will notice a search field intended for the location. Search for the city of your choice. Immediately above this option, you will see option for the unit of measure you want to use.

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