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Gadget is short for ‘window gadget’. Typical gadgets include buttons, pop-up windows, dialogue boxes, pull-down menus and scroll bars. Gadgets are used by home screen consumers to craft custom experiences on their desktops, blogs, websites, social networking site and more.

Gadgets fall into three categories. The first one is the Accessory gadgets. These gadgets are self-contained gadgets. Meaning they don’t require support from an application. That means these gadgets can work in an offline environment. These include calculators, notepads, timers, clocks, calendar and many other gadgets.

The second category is called Application Gadgets. This category refers to the gadgets that enhance an application by providing a less complicated and read-only interface. To give you example of this type of gadgets, Itunes Controller is one. Address Book Gadgets also fall into this category.


Information Gadgets which is the third category, are designed to work with data from the Internet. This means that for these gadgets to work they must be supported by an application or internet access. These gadgets allow you to monitor external events such as stock prices, basketball schedules, flight status and weather conditions. These are the three types of gadgets. There may be millions of gadgets you can find today but remember that they fall into only three categories. Gadgets can be almost anything.

In terms of weather forecasting, so does a weather gadget fall?

Apparently, weather gadgets fall into third category. If you are looking for the weather gadget that you can work on for daily basis download and install Forecaster. This gadget is a location-based weather gadget. 

The gadget is packed with nice aesthetics. The design would look very balance when integrated with dark desktop backgrounds. The gadget panel is divided into four equal rectangular parts. Each contains comprehensive information about the weather condition. With this weather gadget you’re good to go for the entire day. The information provided in the panel are wide-ranging because you have the temperature during the day, afternoon and night.

The weather icons appear on the panel. The icons look quite different to the weather icons you usually get from other gadgets. The sun icon has many rays unlike other sun icons.

When you turn the gadget on extended mode more details are provided about the weather condition. With this, you get to learn more about the factors that affect you location.

The configuration panel allows the user to change the location he might want to access the weather information from. A search field is provided. The user just have to place the cursor over the search field and start encoding the name of the location after which he must click ‘Ok’ for the changes to take effect.

Forecaster gadget is designed in Russian language. This is apparently most useful for those who understand the language. It is primarily designed to monitor the weather condition across Russia.

Forecaster adds interest in your home screen. This gadget is highly dependable at all time. Your safety is in your hands and Forecaster weather gadget is your reliable source for accurate weather information in your location.

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