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The Difference Between Gadget and Icon

How does a gadget differ from the rest of the objects in your home screen? Gadgets can really be anything but gadgets is really different from objects such as icon and app. An icon launches an app whereas a gadget can do something such as showing you relevant information from the external environment like weather gadget or clock gadget. Gadgets allow you to customize some of its parts. For example, a weather gadget allows you to configure the settings, display content and or designs.

On the other hand an icon that sits on your home screen does not allow you to do this. When you tap on an icon it will lead you to the site of the application. Icon represents the application on your home screen or desktop. There is nothing you can about it unless you click on it and go the application site. 

Accu Weather Radar

Gadgets can be supported by an application or not. Those that are supported by an application require you to have internet access while those that are not supported can work offline. Accu Weather Radar is a weather gadget supported by an application.

Accu Weather Radar is your one-stop weather gadget. At the outset you will see that the gadget is just so much the same with the average weather gadget but if you look into its details and features you will realize that this gadget is a huge gadget. It is huge in the sense that it can provide not just the temperature and other basic details of the weather but moreover it has a capacity to give you the most accurate forecast by showing you the radar.

In the normal view mode the gadget contains the current temperature, average low and high temperature for the day and location. Right down below you will notice buttons assigned for radar, hour by hour forecast, news and video.

There is nothing like this before. A weather gadget that can give you news and is able to activate video footage of the location. When you click on these buttons you will be led to the site. Say for instance you click radar then the app will lead you to the site to see the radar map. The radar map contains the detailed forecast for every location it covers.

When you want to know the forecast for every hour you just have to click the ‘hour by hour’ button. It will lead you to the site wherein the hourly forecast is displayed. Knowing the forecast by the hour is more helpful because it will enable you to make calculated decisions of your activities of the day.

The ‘news’ button will provide you with the latest weather news. Aside from accessing the current temperature you will also learn about what is going on with the weather in general. This feature of the gadget is totally unavailable in other weather gadgets.

And lastly, the gadget has a ‘video’ button. When you click it you agree to go to the site and see for yourself how does the weather look like in motion.

 It has a configuration feature such as changing the unit of measure you may want to use. 

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